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Ontario College of Teachers welcomes extended initial teacher education program

June 05 2013

June 5, 2013 (Toronto) – The Ontario College of Teachers welcomes today’s announcement of an extended initial education program for Ontario teachers.

“A longer program means that new teachers will spend more time in professional and practical settings and receive additional specialized training to reflect the diversity of Ontario’s learners,” said Michael Salvatori, OCT, CEO and Registrar of the College, the self-regulatory body for Ontario’s teaching profession. “New teachers, their students and the public interest will be well served.”

The College has long supported an expanded program, including more time for practical teaching experience and compulsory program components to address needs such as special education. Following an extensive consultation within the education sector, the College released its Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow report in 2006, which among its recommendations called for a longer initial teacher education program.

Recently the College was the lead partner in Ministry of Education discussions regarding the framework for the program (duration, content and practicum). It’s expected that the new program requirements will be entrenched in the College’s regulations under the Ontario College of Teachers Act. It’s the Ontario College of Teachers that has responsibility for accrediting the teacher education program at Ontario’s faculties of education.

“Our accreditation will ensure that these new program elements will be part of every new teacher’s initial teacher education,” Salvatori said. “The September 2015 start gives us time to work with providers to make sure their programs comply.

“This is about quality and preparing Ontario teachers for the new realities of the 21st century,” Salvatori said. “It enables a deeper and richer examination of pedagogy, teaching methodology such as classroom management and working with parents, and a fuller understanding of the ethical standards and standards of practice for the teaching profession.”

The Ontario College of Teachers licenses, governs and regulates the profession of teaching in the public interest. It sets standards of practice and ethical standards, conducts disciplinary hearings and accredits teacher education programs affecting its more than 237,000 members in publicly funded schools and institutions across Ontario. The College is the only self-regulatory body for the teaching profession in Canada.

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