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Member Reporting Obligations

The Ontario College of Teachers Act (the "Act") requires College members to report:

  • (1) if they have been found guilty of an offenceI; and
  • (2) if they have been charged with an offence, and the report shall include information about every bail condition or other restriction imposed on, or agreed to, by the member in connection with the chargeII.

Failure to comply with these reporting obligations may be considered to be professional misconduct.

A member shall file a report as soon as reasonably practicable after they receive notice of: the finding of guilt, charge, bail condition or restriction.

It is important to note that the College is required to post on the public register current or previous criminal proceedings involving a member that are relevant to their membership, including any undertakings of the member in relation to the proceeding. The public register must also contain any restrictions imposed on a member’s eligibility to teach by an order of a court or other lawful authority, including the name and location of the court or authority and the date the order was made.

The report shall not contain any information that violates a publication ban. An additional report shall be filed by the member if there is a change in status of the finding of guilt as the result of an appeal or of the charge or bail conditions.

The reporting obligations noted above are required for all offences, charges, bail conditions or restrictions in any jurisdiction, including: offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and provincial laws.*

*However, members do not need to report offences under the Highway Traffic Act (e.g. speeding tickets), parking tickets or municipal by-law infractions.

These reporting obligations cover the entire time period of membership with the College. However, if a member was charged with an offence, but subsequently found not guilty of the offence prior to December 8, 2020, the member is not required to report the charge.

If there are multiple offences, charges, bail conditions or other restrictions, to report, the member must file separate reports.

Members can make a report by clicking below, as can anyone making a report on behalf of a member:


I. Section 51.1 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act
II. Section 51.2 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act

Member Reporting Obligations

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