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College Calls for Induction Programs for New Teachers

April 11 2003

April 11 (Toronto) - The Ontario College of Teachers has called on the provincial government to establish and fund induction programs for all new teachers in Ontario's schools.

The College's Standards of Practice and Education committee has approved the release of New Teacher Induction: Growing Into the Profession for province-wide consultation.

The induction program, including mentoring, is intended to address the effects of a massive turnover in teachers that is occurring as a result of large-scale retirements and the entry into the profession of tens of thousands of new teachers each year.

The College makes clear that a mandatory induction and mentoring program must be accompanied by sufficient financial support to school boards for it to be successful.

For more information, see New Teacher Induction: Growing Into the Profession and Background for New Teacher Induction: Growing into the Profession.

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