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College of Teachers launched

September 16 1996

TORONTO The Ontario College of Teachers-the new self-regulatory body for the teaching profession - will bring together teachers, parents and other education stakeholders to govern and regulate the teaching profession, College Registrar Margaret Wilson said today as she formally launched the college.

"The establishment of an independent, professional and publicly accountable college for teachers signifies that teachers have come of age as a profession," Wilson said. "For the first time, teachers will have a direct say in shaping the future of their profession as they work with parents and the broader education community to ensure they are well-trained and well-prepared for the classroom."

As part of today's launch, Wilson announced:

  • An awareness campaign to assist the College with the initial task of registering Ontario 200,000 certified teachers;
  • A nomination call for membership on the College's first Governing Council;
  • A provincial election of Council members which will be held from January 27, 1997-February 2, 1997

Membership in the College is open to all Ontario qualified teachers and is a requirement for those who wish to maintain their teacher certification. Teachers employed by a school board will be automatically registered. Qualified teachers not employed for a school board must register themselves with the College.

Advertisements aimed at teachers will appear in newspapers and publications familiar to the education sector. Teachers can register beginning today by calling toll free 1-800-604-9430 or through the Internet at www.oct.ca. A brochure with a mail-back registration form is also being distributed to colleges and universities, faculties of education, private school, Ministry of Education and Training offices, and other education sector organizations where teachers are employed.

Only teachers registered with the College will be eligible to vote in the election of the College's first Governing Council.

The Ontario College of Teachers Act - proclaimed July 5, 1996 - gives the college authority to license teachers, accredit teacher education programs, and investigate and discipline teachers for professional misconduct.

"It is important that teachers, parents, students and others with an interest in education understand the rights, responsibilities and requirements associated with the College of Teachers," Wilson said. "For the first time, teachers will have a direct voice in setting standards for their profession and in accrediting professional teacher education programs. The involvement of parents and other education stakeholders means the public can have confidence in the ability of the college to ensure the competency of its members.

"A quality education depends on quality teaching," Wilson added. "The Ontario College of Teachers will create genuine partnerships between teachers and the public that can only strengthen the profession, improve the quality of classroom learning and boost confidence in Ontario's dedicated teachers."

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