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College of Teachers Hosts Forum for Revised Standards

October 31 2006

October 31, 2006 (Ottawa) – The Ontario College of Teachers holds a regional forum today in Ottawa to present newly revised standards for the teaching profession to the public and other education stakeholders.

"Teachers and parents have very similar ideas about the qualities that exemplify ethical behaviour and professional excellence," says College Council Chair Marilyn Laframboise, who will speak to the forum participants. "Those ideas are embodied in the ethical standards and standards of practice."

"Standards express what every teacher wants to be. They are the ideals that guide and inspire teachers whether they are working with their students, their colleagues or with parents," says Laframboise. "They are tools for discussion and reflection that enable teachers to continually improve their teaching practice."

The standards were revised this year after a review that relied heavily on consultations with members of the College and stakeholder groups including parents and students.

The revised ethical standards of Care, Trust, Respect and Integrity articulate the qualities that teachers bring to all their interactions with students. The five standards of practice identify the five areas in which teachers seek to develop best practices – Commitment to Students and Student Learning, Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice, Leadership in Learning Communities and Ongoing Professional Learning.

The revised standards are available on the College web site.

The Ontario College of Teachers licenses, governs and regulates the profession of teaching in the public interest. It sets standards of practice and ethical standards, conducts disciplinary hearings and accredits teacher education programs affecting its 200,000 members in publicly funded schools and institutions across Ontario. The College is the largest self-regulatory body in Canada.

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